It is reported that Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman and former business partner have been arrested for alleged offences including laundering Russian money originating in Ukraine and conspiracy against the United States, and that another associate has admitted certain offences and is cooperating with the investigation. Predictably, but inappropriately, The President says it is all rubbish and why don’t they look at crooked Hillary Clinton instead?

I’ve not expressed too many views,
While this has not been in the news,
Displaced by Brexit and now Spain,
But now it’s all come up again.

We have now seen the first arrests,
To which today’s report attests,
And one indictment is, they say –
Conspiring ’gainst the USA.

There’s laundering in there as well,
Of Russian money – they can tell –
And lots of other bits and bobs,
From quite a few suspicious jobs.

But Donald Trump is not a fan,
He tweets his complaints when he can,
But all his tweets might be just bluff,
Before it all gets really rough.

He tries to rubbish what is said,
Says it should not involve The Fed,
Which should instead now try to nail,
Clinton for her private emails.

Somewhere in this must be the truth,
Well hid beneath the spin and spoof,
And when it all comes out one day,
Someone will likely have to pay.

Who that may be we can but guess,
Somebody even might confess,
But of one thing we can be sure –
There’s still to come much more ordure!

Image – Istolethetv / Flickr

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