It is reported that the European Commission’s budget now exceeds one trillion pounds per year to the dismay of some of those having to pay for it.

The EU, it seems, knows no bounds,
When it prepares the budget rounds,
For it has just produced a sum,
That’s will make lots of people glum.

The budget that they want to spend,
Which member states must give, not lend,
Is over one trillion pounds,
A quantity that’s without bounds.

The Austrians, who this have seen,
It’s fair to say are non too keen,
And I’m completely free to tell,
So are the Danes and Dutch as well.

Their governments are up in arms,
And at this prospect are alarmed,
So to the EU they complain,
But the reply is just disdain.

The EU says they do not know,
Why this cash must be spent and so,
There is no way that they can say,
So they should just shut up and pay.

That will not go down very well,
In some countries quite hard to sell,
But for those still in the EU,
There’s not a lot that they can do.

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