It is reported that food and other packaging can have up to fifty-eight recycling symbols and people are getting confused.

If you recycle as you should,
Because it does the planet good,
Then surely you would like to see,
The symbols plain as plain can be.

You likely only have three bins,
For cardboard, glass and metal tins,
So with these labels how to choose,
Which of the flaming bins to use?

The answer is just do your best,
But every item has a test,
Example: is it square or round?
Or smashes when it hits the ground?

And plastic things can be a pain,
Although all right left in the rain,
The bottles mostly are OK,
But not the dreaded plastic tray!

These plastic trays are often black,
(The colour of a refuse sack)
And though it’s hard to understand,
These plastic sacks are also banned.

So what of cardboard? Pizza trays?
They’re thick with grease to coin a phrase,
And many are just thrown away –
A hundred thousand every day.

But that’s not all, some still have food,
Which very likely will preclude,
Recycling back to some of those
Tissues on which you blow your nose.
Or maybe in the case of some,
The rolls with which you wipe your bum.

So that’s a summary concise,
Concerning what you can use twice,

And lots to think now thereupon,
So just keep calm and carry on!

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