It is reported that in order to reduce waste, Marks and Spencer cafes have stopped giving everyone a free biscuit with their tea or coffee; they are still free to anyone who asks but customers are still complaining.

It seems no matter you are bright,
It’s difficult to get it right,
For some folk are professional –
Complainers from the gates of Hell.

Our story here begins with waste,
A problem M&S then faced,
Because they gave a biscuit free,
To everybody with their tea.

Some people – quite a few I think –
Who maybe wanted just a drink,
And wanted to remain quite thin,
Would throw the biscuit in the bin.

Now waste today is not in vogue,
A wasteful person’s termed a rogue,
So M&S decided they,
Would take the biscuit right away.

This really did not go down well,
Some customers complained like hell,
Despite the fact that if they chose,
They could still ask for one of those,
And also to the point, you see,
The biscuits here would still be free.

So why complain? It’s hard to know,
But certainly it’s a bad show,
So since the biscuits are still free,
Just ask for one then drink your tea!

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