It is reported that McDonald’s may be secretly encouraging its customers to choose healthier food and drink options by positioning them more conveniently in menu lists and on computer screens.

You like a Big Mac? Yes you do!
And drinks packed full of sugar too!
But your choice might be undermined,
If they are difficult to find.

You scan the menu on the wall,
At first you can’t see them at all,
Then as you look you see that they,
Are in some corner tucked away.

But Mr B who’s not much time,
And likely will not read this rhyme,
Just picks the first things that he sees –
For him no further heart disease.

For sugar low and not much fat,
Are what he is now staring at,
Then in a trice and by default,
He’s also got it low in salt.

“So is it ethical?” you ask,
“To influence this modest task,
Or should they let you freely choose,
No matter early death ensues?”

On this there will be views galore,
From people who such things abhor,
To others who say it’s just part,
Of being wise and eating smart.

So next time that you want to eat,
And fancy a McDonald’s treat,
Just let the menu be your guide –
Say ‘No’ to long-term suicide!

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