It is reported that Cadbury is to reduce the number of calories in some of its snacks to one hundred in line with government guidelines by reducing the weight in each pack. Whether the price will also go down has reportedly not been decided.

Snack makers are now in distress,
They’re being told they must put less,
Calories in a bar or pack,
Of anything that’s called a snack.

But changing recipes is hard,
The taste can change and then The Bard*,
Could write about it in his blog,
Then not so many would they flog.

But then one day a clever spark,
Suggested, maybe for a lark,
That they could just reduce the weight,
And hence the calories folk ate.

To his surprise his colleagues clapped,
And then he on the back was slapped,
Then later on that self-same day,
He got a bonus in his pay.

You see this did the problem solve,
With no need to change or evolve,
The formulation of the bar,
So they could all stay as they are.

But putting less in each small pack,
Meant that the few grams each would lack,
Would add to profits every day,
How much? I don’t think I can say.

Perhaps the price might come down too,
And save some pence for me and you,
But it’s more likely I would say,
The old prices are here to stay.

* Me

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