It is reported that beggars in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna must buy a permit costing £21 before they can beg for money in the streets.

In Sweden there are beggars too,
And in some towns more than a few,
And generally they’re not so pop.,
Because their begging will not stop.

The council came up with a plan,
To stop the begging if it can,
By telling beggars that they must,
A permit have to earn a crust.

A problem at this point ensues,
Because for permits they can use,
The beggars have to find the cash,
Before around the streets they dash.

And that’s a problem unless they,
Have twenty-one pounds they can pay,
In which case they don’t really need,
To beg for cash themselves to feed.

My logic here might be the pits,
But I’m at the end of my wits,
And though it may seem crap to you,
It’s just the best that I can do!

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