About Me

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Hello. I am Ebenezer Bean. I write a blog every day based on one of the main news stories in the day’s papers. It’s in verse and is supposed to be funny.
I am married with a wife and three grown-up – I wish – children and live in Yorkshire. My interests include writing – of course – gardening, eating up old food and the consumption of beer and wine but not necessarily in that order.
I have written thirteen books – click on ‘Books by Ebenezer Bean’ at the top of the page.  All are available from Amazon in Kindle versions and all except Bean’s Blogs are also in paperback. Just search for Ebenezer Bean or use the following link and ignore the general of the same name in the American Civil War who is no longer alive.  Or click the link at the bottom of each book’s individual page.
Happy reading.

About Bean’s Blogs

Bean’s Blogs is light-hearted re-reporting of news items of the day for amusement only. On occasions this involves mild exaggeration and choices of words which are humorous and can also be made to rhyme and scan. This should be obvious in the context of the verses so please don’t confuse this with fake news! While every care is taken to avoid any inaccuracies or incorrect assertions to which individuals referred to may take exception, should these occur we will be happy to make corrections.

With the exception of events referred to which are established matters of public record, all characters, events and other material are entirely fictitious and any similarity to actual events or people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Happy reading.