Hilarious History Volume 4

You’ve read Horrible Histories, well, this is Hilarious History. A history book like no other. English history told in fascinating detail and hilarious and irreverent on every page. But it is a book which will actually teach you history. It is accurate, instantly memorable and, just like a serious work of history, it explains why things happened as they did and how these past events shaped the world we live in today. Read it from cover to cover or just dip in and out as you will.

Ideal as a school text, all those history teachers who have struggled for years to get a glimmer of interest from a class of unruly teenagers will struggle no more. History will suddenly be propelled to the most popular subject on the curriculum and classrooms will be awash with laughter. Students will be queuing up for extra lessons! Get ready with the soundproofing or the other classes will be joining in as well – whether you want them to or not.

We start with the Romans – where else – and work our way through to the start of the twentieth century in twenty chapters in five volumes. You are in for a real treat. And so are the teenagers. Happy reading.