History repeats itself. Deep down everybody knows this. So many millions of things have happened in the past that it is almost inconceivable that anything today is really new, especially in politics.

We also know that politicians always think their latest wheeze is both novel and bound to be a rip roaring success. How many times do they say there is no Plan B? They are trying to convince us that Plan A is sure to succeed when what they are really saying is that they haven’t much of a clue and haven’t thought it through properly. There are always alternatives and most of them are going to be better then plan A.

So, history is richly full of lessons for any problem needing solving today. And it is not difficult to find them. Just open any history book and lessons will come flooding out.

Ouch! contains just twenty-three for starters, all written in Ebenezer Bean’s hilarious trademark rhyme. We begin with ‘A Run on the Bank’ – England last time, Northern Rock this time, we move on to ‘Unwinnable Wars’ – Napoleon then, Blair and Bush now and ‘MP’s Expenses’ – MPs both times. The list is endless.

Ouch! is based on Ebenezer Bean’s Hilarious History so it’s a good taster for that much longer book. And at a bargain price too. The essential textbook for politicians in this new Age of Austerity. And we’ve had one of those before as well.