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It is reported that Adam West, who played the original Batman on television in the 1960s, has died aged eighty-eight.

I wonder if perhaps tonight.
You might now all like some respite,
From politics after last week,
So to that end I’ve had a peek,
Right through the papers of today,
But sadly they’ve not much to say,
That won’t be getting on our wicks –
That is the dreaded politics.

The only thing that I could see,
Of interest then to some degree,
Is news that Adam West has died,
A fact that has been verified.

If you don’t know I should point out,
That this actor without a doubt,
Was the first Batman you could see,
In 1960s on TV.

It’s sad that he should pass away,
Just two days prior yesterday,
So Gotham City should take care –
Joker and Penguin are still there!

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Conchita Wurst

It is reported that the Eurovision Song Contest has taken place in Kiev and the winner was … Portugal.

I’ve long been dreading yesterday,
’Cos I must think of things to say,
About the Euro Song Contest,
Which is abysmal at its best.

The music’s dire most will agree,
It doesn’t help that it’s all free,
But if we’re lucky p’rhaps one day,
They’ll show it where we have to pay.

And contestants can be so strange,
Especially viewed at close range,
And Conchita who once came first,
Was possibly one of the Wurst.

Statistics, as you’d guess, abound,
And some analysis has found,
That Ireland’s in fact won most times,
With the UK one place behind,
Failing to take the winner’s cup,
But fifteen times the runner up.

At risk you’ll think that I don’t care,
I think I will now finish there,
My piece today is pretty poor,
And surely you’re not wanting more.

Image – Albin Olsson License: CC BY-SA 3.0


Baking ingredients

It is reported that Mary Berry of GBBO fame now has a selection of shop-bought cakes to her name and that these contain additives and ingredients not found in the ‘superior’ home-baked cakes which she normally champions.

The British Bake Off chief once said,
Only over her body dead,
Would she say shop-bought cakes were fine,
Compared to those that take your time,
To kneed and stir and roll them out,
To make them good or thereabout.

And so it is with some dismay,
That I have read reports today,
That she now has a line of cakes,
For people for whom mixing aches.

She’s cherry bakewells, tarts and scones,
Which, as you know, they are the ones,
That you eat spread with cream and jam,
With sandwiches and tea Assam.

She used to say home-made was best,
Less additives and all the rest,
But if ingredients you check,
You might at that point say ‘Oh heck!’
There’s more in this than meets the eye,
And more than any home-made pie.

Up there is CaCO3,
That’s limestone, ground, to you and me,
Then iron, sorbic acid too,
And things not mentioned hitherto.

Such things are needed, they will say,
To get a lengthy sell-by day,
For otherwise they wouldn’t keep,
And prices might be rather steep.

So when you buy your cake take care,
To read what’s in it if you dare,
And then you really shouldn’t moan,
If it’s not what you’d make at home.

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It is reported that Cranfield University’s Department of Defence and Security has been investigating sculduggery at village fetes.

The venerable village fete,
Gets people into such a state,
That they of their senses take leave,
As they try harder to achieve,
That long pea pod or pumpkin fat,
Which can lead to a dreadful spat.

They plant their seeds and watch them grow,
Keep weeds at bay with fork and hoe,
And as they swell before their eyes,
They start to covet that first prize.

But there beyond the garden gate,
A neighbour might decide their fate,
He’s growing pumpkins by the score,
And he has won first prize before.

The time goes on, the things grow large,
It might be time for sabotage,
So dirty deeds take place at night,
Which sometimes end up in a fight.

The police are called, the crime is great,
MidSomer Murders has to wait,
But after a forensic check,
The pumpkins do all seem in spec.

Eventually the day arrives,
Folk show their beans in fours and fives,
The judge says, “This one’s pushed his luck,
He has these two together stuck.

It really is so very rude,
That vegetables have been glued,
Such things as this I can’t abide,
So he is now disqualified.”

So now you’ve read this you all know,
If you go to the village show,
It really won’t be time we’ll-spent,
If all your cucumbers are bent!

Image – Wikimedia commons



It is reported that the BBC thinks that the Russians have leaked a recent episode of Sherlock in retaliation for increased broadcasting of the BBC World Service Russian language service.

You’ve doubtless heard of Sherlock Holmes,
Who’s weekly streamed into our homes,
To give us somewhat of a fright,
On pretty much each Sat’day night.

And when we watch we are impressed,
As Sherlock Holmes who is the best,
Solves mysteries, crimes and puzzles too,
Which he explains to me and you.

But enjoyment would be reduced,
If we knew before he’d deduced,
Who perpetrated this week’s crime,
No matter ’twas in prose or rhyme.

And so the owners, BBC,
Try to keep it all secretly,
As they distribute what they’ve made,
To other countries that have paid.

This generally does work quite well,
With programmes broadcast as I tell,
But now an episode’s been leaked,
By someone in a fit of pique.

You may not be surprised to know,
That behind all this is Moscow;
They specialise in leaks and hacks,
But rarely cover up their tracks.

And in this case they’re in a tizz,
’Cos BBC World Service is,
Increasing Russian output and,
It’s more than Vladimir can stand.

For this is outside his control,
And though the content may be droll,
He doesn’t like it in his land,
And really wants the whole thing banned.

And that in essence, friend, is it,
I’m rambling on now quite a bit,
I’ve finished what I’ve got to say,
The rest will wait another day.

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It is reported that the final of Strictly Come Dancing has taken place, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton have won and head judge Len Goodman is retiring amid suggestions that he should receive a knighthood.

For weeks and months Strictly has been,
The darling of the TV screen,
But now the final’s been and gone,
With every score at least a one.

The scores last night were pretty high,
Numbers for which Ed Balls would die,
With lots of tens, the odd low nine,
For dances which did not quite chime.

They had to dance three times last night,
Three chances then to get steps right,
But also more chance they might fall,
And give away the glitterball.

But in the end one called Oré,
Came right out on top yesterday,
And it was truly magic for,
The man had never danced before.

So that’s it for another year,
But for Len Goodman, not yet Sir,
It is the last time he will be,
There judging with the other three.

For he has strictly now retired,
And people say he has inspired,
Along with others on the show,
More people to get up and go,
Wear fancy clothes and learn to dance,
And so their general health enhance.

That’s not to say all will succeed,
For some will have left feet indeed,
And if you can’t avoid the falls,
Then be inspired by Edward Balls,
Who showed us weekly as a rule,
The best known way to act the fool!

Image – Daily Express

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It is reported that Ed Balls and his partner Katya Jones have been voted out of Strictly Come Dancing having lost to Judge Rinder in the dance-off.

The moment we’d been waiting for,
As Ed and Katya took the floor,
For their dance-off routine – their first,
To see if they were still the worst.

The outcome was in little doubt,
The judges threw the couple out,
As they’d been waiting weeks to do,
Frustrated every time by you,
The voting public who did grin,
And voted then to keep them in.

This was the first time Ed was dropped,
But not for Jones held there aloft,
While dancing there some weeks before,
I think most likely one plus four.

On that occasion people gasped,
But Ed recovered pretty fast,
He certainly was on the ball,
And didn’t drop Miss Jones at all.

So what now that Ed Balls has gone?
You couldn’t say he ever shone,
At dancing skill which wasn’t neat,
And disconnected from his feet.

But people like it as a rule,
When politicians make a fool,
Of themselves on the BBC,
Where everyone can watch for free.

So he’ll be missed that is for sure,
Of dances he might now do fewer,
But this is not the last we’ve seen,
Of Ed upon the TV screen.

And we will have to now make do,
With bald and tall Judge Rinder who,
Is likely not to take the crown,
But can now be the Strictly clown.

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