Jeff bezos

It is reported that on 27 July 2017 Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, briefly became the world’s richest man before being knocked off the number one slot by Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Jeff Bezos is a wealthy man,
He saves his pennies where he can,
And though he hasn’t been a flop,
He’s never quite got to the top.

Until, that is, one day last week,
When Amazon shares hit a peak,
And Bezos’ wealth was then propelled
Up by the number that he held.

So on that day the man became,
The richest in the world by name,
And likely he thought on that date,
He should find time to celebrate.

But Bezos rather modest is,
And by the time he’d bought the fizz,
Then checked again to see what’s what,
By then he’d been pushed off top slot.

It really came as no surprise,
To find out that his swift demise,
Was all because his friend Bill Gates,
Had pushed him back to second place.

So with the Champagne what to do?
He thought he might drink just a few,
Then sell the rest at bargain rates,
To richest man – that’s still Bill Gates!



It is reported that Winnie the Pooh has just been banned in China. No official reason has been given but there is suspicion that he looks too much like President Xi Jinping and this might give rise to ridicule. I wish to make clear that yours truly is only the reporter here.

In China they all like Pooh Bear,
You see his books just everywhere,
And Chinese children like to play,
At Pooh Sticks each and every day.

But suddenly he’s in disgrace,
No longer seen in any place,
And east to west across the land,
Pooh Bear has been completely banned.

The reason’s really far from clear,
He’s not been caught out drinking beer,
And there’s no evidence right now,
With pandas he has had a row.

So what are we to make of this?
Is there some point that we have missed?
The government has nought to say.
At least up until yesterday.

But there’s a rumour going round,
Which is that most Chinese have found,
Resemblance between Pooh and Xi,
The presidential appointee.

And since Pooh’s a figure of fun,
The President might be outdone,
And even made to look a fool,
Or be subject to ridicule.

While this is all right in the West,
As Donald Trump might now attest,
In China it’s beyond the pale,
And you could find yourself in jail.

But I’m not sure we’ve got this right,
For Mr Xi might be uptight,
Because when observed from afar.
He really looks more like Poobah.

For readers who are very young,
Poobah is in a play that’s sung,
Called The Mikado in Japan,
Penned by Gilbert and Sullivan.

(Note: no Irish connection here,
It’s not O’Sullivan, be clear,
And if you want more info yet,
You’ll have to check the internet.)

So of the Poohs just take your pick,
But either might get on Xi’s wick,
And if with either you persist,
You do it all at your own risk!

Image – David Greenwald / Flickr


Citroen 2CV half

It is reported that the authorities in Calais are planning that everyone should drive on the left during the Bank holiday weekend in May 2018 as a kind gesture to the Brexiting British.

The French have got une bonne idée,
Although it may not seem that way,
They plan one weekend next year, spring,
That people who their cars do bring,
For just a few days they all might,
Drive on the left and not the right.

“The Brits will like it,” says the mayor,
“For when they come from over there,
Such driving will avoid the queues,
As they stock up on bargain booze.

They’ll find it’s really very good,
Will spend and drink more than they should,
And when they are all set to load,
They will not have to cross the road.

So they will load up twice as fast,
The first box right through to the last,
And if they’re sober when they leave,
That’s something I would disbelieve.”

“But what about the French?” you ask,
“For them it will be such a task,
To navigate on left not right,
And some of them might start a fight.”

“We’ve thought of that,” the mayor replied,
“And we are keeping them on side.
We’ve told them it’s a chance to learn,
For something that they mostly yearn,
Which is to leave this place Calais,
And go and live in the U.K!”

Image -High Contrast / Wikimedia commons



It is reported that Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidential election.

So Macron wins, donc quelle surprise,
And he achieved the feat with ease,
For everybody thought he would,
But not because he’s any good,
Rather they liked less Ms Le Pen,
Who’ll have to wait to try again.

Most will heave a sigh of relief,
That Ms Le Pen has come to grief,
But some will curse and likely say,
They don’t want Macron anyway.

His party is so very new,
He might not know quite what to do,
And so whatever his intent,
It may be the French Parliament,
Will get itself into a stew,
And frustrate what he wants to do.

But that is for a later date –
That’s what I think at any rate –
And though true fans may be quite few,
He’s very keen on the EU.

And the EU is keen on him,
For if he’d lost things would be grim,
With Ms Le Pen determined to,
An awful lot of trouble brew.

But now they think all is secured,
The EU’s future now assured,
And they might think that from this day,
Opponents will all fade away.

So to reward this French result,
Claude Juncker has sought to insult,
The British, saying from next week,
He will no longer English speak.

I s’pose when Brexit is complete,
The only English-speaking state,
Remaining in the then EU,
Is Ireland who speak Irish too.

So English may then cease to be,
Une langue officielle de l’UE,
But if English is not then used,
Things could get terribly confused.

But back to France where it may seem,
La langue Francaise now reigns supreme,
And though for now they are quite chuffed,
The Germans might yet see them stuffed!

Image: Gouvernement Francais


Ebenezer Bean 1

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