It is reported that millions of Dutch eggs and egg products made from them have been destroyed owing to contamination with a banned type of insecticide.

You probably like eating eggs,
Produced to all the rules and regs,
Which if they are all followed will,
Prevent us all from falling ill.

Britain produces most itself,
They’re on the supermarket shelf,
Where you will find hens’ eggs galore,
But please don’t drop them on the floor.

But some have come from Holland and,
Might have been processed, cooked or canned,
And these contain insecticide,
Which isn’t good poached, boiled or fried.

So cooked eggs here have been withdrawn,
But in Europe it’s more forlorn,
As millions of eggs are smashed,
Whites, yolks and shells completely trashed.

The biggest omelette, I suppose,
Could have been made with all of those,
But even with a proper plan,
You simply couldn’t find a pan.

And if you did what would you do?
The eggs are still not good for you,
So if you did the omelette eat,
You might quite soon your maker meet!