It is reported that fishmongers in Marseille have been fined for failing to display the Latin or full scientific names of fish at point of sale as required by EU regulation No 1379/2013.

The EU overflows with rules,
Some seem to be made up by fools,
And when it comes to food and wine,
The French will take charge every time.

It’s likely that they’ve had a say,
In each rule that comes into play,
Including one concerning fish –
A very appetising dish.

The regulation says you must,
If selling fish to earn a crust,
Display the fish with Latin name,
And where it’s from and whence it came.

The reason for this isn’t clear,
And so I can’t give you a steer,
But likely it’s a pointless rule,
Designed by people who play boules,

But anyway, I have digressed;
Because the French should know the best,
You might expect them to adhere,
To their own rules, however queer.

But I have learnt that they do not;
It mostly matters not a lot,
But in Marseilles the other day,
The fishmongers were made to pay.

The fines were hundreds – pounds, I think,
And there they caused a dreadful stink,
Because the French, who like their way,
Declared then that they wouldn’t pay.

And there we are, so what is new?
The Germans act in this way too;
Whatever rules they like to make,
Eventually they seem to break!