It is reported that researchers have devised a way of hacking Amazon’s Alexa thingy by giving it secret, high-pitched, whispered commands which are inaudible to the human ear over general noise levels.

“Alexa, your hearing is good,
And so you hear all that you should,
Which makes it easy then for me,
To give commands you will agree.

But some now say it is too good,
And you might hear more than you should,
Then if a hacker talks to you,
You might do what he tells you to.

He’ll talk in whispers, mainly shrill,
(You’ll think it’s me and that I’m ill),
And you might then do something rash,
Like giving him a load of cash.”

Now Amazon (Alexa’s dad),
Says, “Things like this are very bad.
We do all things to make quite sure,
Alexa here will be secure.”

“I do not want to be a pest,
But my question you’ve not addressed;
How will you now prevent these hacks,
Or is security too lax?”

“In truth, we really don’t yet know,
So maybe now we ought to go,
And so we can complete this task,
Perhaps we should our daughter ask!”

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Hacking 1

It is reported that ‘Open Banking’ is to start on 13 January 2018 in the European Union under which bankers and other financial institutions will be obliged to share customers’ private financial information with one another and there is then an increased risk of hacking, scams and fraudulent misuse. Another wonderful European Union idea!

“Roll up. Roll up. Fantastic news.
Go out and celebrate with booze,
For Open Banking starts today,
So, everyone, shout, ‘Hip hooray’.

It means we can your data share,
(Before this week we wouldn’t dare)
But now, it seems, we’ll have free rein,
To share it once, twice and again.

This really is good news for you,
For many people – not a few,
Will now send to you day and night,
Some offers that will see you right.

They’ll know what you’re paid, what you spend,
How much is left at the month end;
And armed with all this data they,
Will work out how much you can pay,
For what it is they want to sell,
And charge over the odds as well.

And if all this just makes you vexed,
You probably won’t like what’s next,
Which is with data being tracked,
It’s much more likely you’ll be hacked.

This probably was overlooked,
But recently we’ve all been spooked,
As hacking, which perhaps should cease,
Has been, instead, on the increase.

So let your watchword be, ‘Take care’,
When you are banking on the air;
It’s better to have cash than not,
So watch out for that password bot.”



It is reported that home gadgets that connect to the internet can be operated maliciously and can even, like a Trojan horse, give hackers access to our internet and bank data.

The internet of things is here,
A reason, you may think, to cheer,
But don’t get too excited yet –
It could be something you’ll regret.

It means that everything is smart –
Appliances for the most part –
Like fridges, heating, lights and taps,
Designed to help you – well, perhaps.

One aspect of this is you can,
Leave your potatoes in the pan,
And have them on and start to boil,
So that the result of your toil,
Is ready, almost, then to eat,
When you get home by means of feet.

Then there’s the fridge, it keeps things cold,
And I have recently been told,
That smart ones now know what you eat,
Though they’re programmed to be discreet.

So when your eggs are down to four,
The fridge will simply order more,
And you should now no longer fear,
You’ll run completely out of beer.

But such devices can be hacked,
And as they buy for you in fact,
They might also at your expense,
Be running up bills quite immense,
Supplying food to Russia where,
They’ve lots of hackers working there.

These hackers really are just spies,
They’re partial to our cakes and pies,
And when they’ve had their fill of these,
They finish off with fruit and cheese.

We know this ’cos we are so bright,
The Russians hack by day and night,
They can the biggest numbers boast,
But still they always burn the toast.

And then there’s more that they can do,
They know when you are in the loo,
And if you’re there about to burst,
They might jump in and flush it first!

To let your watchword be ‘Take care’,
When you’re existing anywhere,
For all things can be hacked and more,
Far worse than 1984.


GCHQ satellite dishes

It is reported that GCHQ, MI5 and the CIA can spy on people through their televisions and smart phones.

Next time you watch the BBC,
Or any free or pay TV,
You should be careful what you say,
For people who are far away,
Might just be watching what you do,
And who it is you’re talking to.

For we’ve just learnt the CIA,
And agencies in the UK,
Can hack your TV, mobile too,
So that they can then spy on you.

It also works when they’re turned off,
So when you have all had enough,
Of all that guff that’s on TV,
Your words still may not private be.

So with all this what best to do?
You could go ask GCHQ,
But what they say will be no use,
Unless the spokesman’s face turns puce.

So probably you’re on your own,
When facing your TV or phone;
If you’re a terrorist or Trot.,
Perhaps you’d better ditch the lot.

But then they might suspicious be,
If you’re without phone or TV,
So just keep schtum as aforesaid,
Or shout rude words at them instead!

Image – Wikimedia commons



It is reported that smart devices connected to the internet can be hacked by people like the Russians.

It seems we’re in for more treats yet,
Courtesy of the internet,
As lots of items in the home,
Will respond to a mobile phone.

The kettle, toaster, wash machine,
And other things that keep us clean,
Fridges and freezers, TVs too,
And even those hot guns that glue.

They all can be turned off or on,
By very nearly anyone,
Who might have access to our phone,
Or who knows how to hack or clone.

As always, Russia is to blame,
The ones in Moscow just the same,
“But why,” you ask, “should they want to,
Turn on our kettles, toasters too?”

The reason I’d say, more or less,
Might simply be to cause distress,
But if lots act at once perhaps,
The power grid might just collapse.

So good advice we should now heed,
Which is we really do not need,
The toaster to start up while we,
Are outside fumbling for our key.

And if we wait ’til we’re inside,
A rule of thumb can be our guide,
We’d have to wait three mins. at most,
Before we get our buttered toast.

And so to Putin I would say,
“If you feel like a hack today,
Just leave the lamp off by my bed,
And put the Hoover on instead!”

Image: – Wikimedia commons