Nuclear button

It is reported that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are continuing to trade personal insults, each with a finger on the button.

Two overweight men – that means fat –
Neither that much worth looking at,
Are trading insults day by day,
And these are some things that they say.

Trump calls Kim ‘Little Rocket Man’,
And warns Kim Jong-un that he can,
Eliminate him with great ease,
So not to stock up on the cheese.

At this Kim did not stay silent,
Said Mr Evil President,
And then called him in that regard,
A mentally deranged dotard.

And for the insult Trump had made,
Kim unleashed then a big tirade;
Said in return for his wisecrack,
The USA he would attack.

How this will pan out no-one knows,
They really might both come to blows,
But insults now are not the thing –
And they are so embarrassing!


Barbers somb scissors

It is reported that Boris Johnson has written a major article setting out views of Brexit which are different from the Prime Minister’s while Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are still lobbing deadly threats and insults at each other.

Some days ago, our Boris J,
Decided it was time to say,
What he thought on this Brexit thing;
So as he saw it he would bring,
Some clarity of word and thought,
With p’rhaps more detail than he ought.

He’d not checked out his words that day,
With his boss – that’s Theresa May,
And so confusion was thus sown,
In case he wanted Ms May’s throne.

Confusion reigned for several days,
Some politicians in a haze,
Until someone said, “With that hair,
He likely does it for a dare.”

He’s not the only one like that:
There’s that Korean who’s too fat;
He launches rockets I’ve heard tell,
And has a strange hairdo as well.

And he is always locking horns,
With that man who himself adorns,
With dolly birds and gilded ware,
And, too, of course that head of hair.

Some people say it is glued on,
While others say it’s just a con,
But if a rocket gets too near,
The answer might at last be clear.

So could bad hair now be the link,
Which propels these three to the brink?
It’s better that we know than not,
In case all three have lost the plot.


Lego man

It is reported that Iver District Council in Buckinghamshire, has erected mannequin-style figures as bollards outside a school to slow down the traffic but some of the residents think they are sinister and don’t like them at all. One Irish resident doesn’t like them at all, at all. And Messrs Kim and Trump seem to be edging closer to all-out war.

In Iver, Bucks, outside a school,
The Council thought it might be cool,
To install little girls and boys,
To act as vehicle decoys.

They’re s’posed to make car drivers think,
That they might hit a kiddywink,
About to step onto the road,
And thus slow down the traffic flow.

But volunteers far and few,
And worried they might catch the flu,
They all decided there and then,
Instead to use small Lego men.

These little people, you might guess,
Have been the cause of some distress,
With older people quite afraid,
In case they should the world invade.

But others, of pragmatic mind,
Have either a petition signed,
Or else, if they had clothes to fit,
Have tried to dress them up a bit.

So there’s a policeman, fireman too,
And nurses who can tend to you,
In case the bollards twist and bend,
And you should fall and meet your end.

But now another thought occurs,
As threat of Armageddon stirs:
Despite the threat of all-out war,
And dreadful things perhaps in store,
With lipstick, paint, perhaps a wig,
The villagers could have a dig,
At Donald Trump and Mr Kim,
Whose prospects right now seem quite grim.

I don’t think this would stop a war,
It hasn’t worked like that before,
But it could possibly amuse,
Those who might be the worse for booze!



It is reported that North Korea has threatened to fire missiles over Japan to land in the sea near the US military bases in Guam by the middle of August and that Donald Trump has promised extreme retaliation.

Two overweight men with bad hair,
Determined to the whole world scare,
Keep making comments rather rash,
That they will each the other smash.

The young one’s done this all along,
(He lives in that place starts with ‘Pyong’)
It’s not clear why he makes his boast,
Which could end up with him as toast.

While he’s mad and perhaps insane,
I can’t see what he’s got to gain,
But threatening to attack that isle,
Is certain Donald Trump to rile.

Now Trump we know is so thin-skinned,
That he threatens that fire and wind,
Will come down on folk fat or thin,
When any person crosses him.

The misdemeanour may be slight,
But even so Trump gets uptight,
And several people have been fired,
Including ones he himself hired.

So if someone should threaten war –
A threat he hasn’t had before –
Because a war is not so nice,
You would expect he’d take advice.

But we know that is not Trump’s way,
And so he pronounced yesterday,
That fire and fury’s not enough,
So now he would get really tough;
He thought a bit and then he said,
“There would be big trouble instead.”

When asked what that meant, should folk flee?
He said, “Just wait. You’ll see. You’ll see.”
Which really means without much doubt,
He hasn’t quite yet worked it out.

So we must wait with bated breath,
To see if this fight’s to the death,
Or if his tweets show that he’s brave,
And Twitter can the planet save.


Hacking password

It is reported that North Korea’s missile test yesterday may have failed because it was hacked by the Americans. Foreign journalists (hacks!) were told to expect a ‘big and important event’ but we’re eventually taken to a flower show.

So give three cheers for Mr Kim,
I am indebted much to him,
For on three consecutive days,
I’ve done my blog on things he says.

So first we had the big parade,
The Day of Sun, not one of shade,
And then he tried and tried his best,
But sadly failed the missile test.

And finally, now it’s day three,
There’s speculation it might be,
That this missile they call Nodong,
Was hacked and that’s why it went wrong.

Most likely we will never know,
If hacking caused the fatal blow,
But whether ’twas or not a hack,
It caused a sudden change of tack.

For with The Press there in full strength,
Kim had to go to any length,
To keep them from the missile site,
And give them something else to write.

So what to do? He thought quite quick,
He had the answer in a tick.
So all the journalists around,
Most in the special press compound,
We’re told that they would all now go,
To write about a flower show.

The flower show was very nice,
Some might have liked to see it twice,
But really this was being used,
To try to make us all confused.

But we’re not fooled, I think that’s clear,
About events in North Korea,
And if his nukes will not go right,
Then he should stick to dynamite!

Image – Flickr / Christoph Scholz

ER . . . BANG!


It is reported that on the day after its big military parade in Pyongyang the North Korean Government carried out a missile test but unfortunately the missile exploded a few seconds after launch. See yesterday’s blog for more background.

“I had a phone call yesterday,
From that rude Yank quite far away,
You know the one, he speaks in rhyme,
And does his hair a bit like mine.

He didn’t ask where we were at,
Just told me I was far too fat,
His reputation is he’s crude,
But this time he was downright rude!

So I decided late last night,
That we would give the dude a fright,
And launch a missile – just a test –
Which ought to leave him well impressed.

It’s now complete, I’m pleased to say,
It took place earlier today,
It fired all right, went past Pyongyang,
And then we all heard it go ‘Bang!’

So all in all that’s pretty good,
It blew up as of course it should,
And that will teach him, stupid dude,
He shouldn’t be so bloody rude!”

“But Leader Dear, you ought to know,
The missile test was good to go,
And strictly speaking I must stress,
The whole thing was a great success.

One detail though makes me concerned,
For as the rocket engines burned,
The warhead did blow up all right,
But at the wrong end of its flight!”

Image – Markus Szyszkowitz, http://www.artoons.at / Wikimedia commons