It is reported that Mo Farah has now retired from track competitions to begin road running, objects to being asked about alleged former drug-related irregularities and no longer wants to be called Mo, opting for the more formal Mohamed.

“My last race might just disappoint,
But my nose is not out of joint,
Because you can add up the score,
And I have won so much before.

I’ve done it all with tears and sweat,
And no-one anywhere as yet,
Has proved that I have been a cheat,
As I move on from track to street.

With rumours always flying round,
And none of the suspicions sound,
You should take care not to accuse,
Because all this is just fake news.

And one more thing I want to say,
Is going forward from today,
Though you like it, I know, I know,
I don’t want you to call me Mo.

Mohamed will be fine instead,
And since that won’t fit on my head,
Without a risk we will misspell,
Maybe the bot can go as well!”

Image – Brian Minkoff- London Pixels / Wikimedia commons




It is reported that Usain Bolt has retired from running but unfortunately he failed to win his last race.

You’ve heard of Usain Bolt all right,
And how he did retire last night,
But sadly, his last race he panned,
Not quite the ending he had planned.

He came in third, I have to tell,
Because he ran not quite so well,
As two men from the USA,
Of whom one in a former day,
Had taken drugs to speed his feet,
And thus been branded twice a cheat.

Those watching him were quite upset,
Thought he’d still be the fastest yet,
And though it did seem rather rude,
The winning runner they all booed.

But even though he didn’t win,
He should just take it on the chin,
Because from races won before,
He seems to have medals galore.

How many he has I’m not sure,
Perhaps thirteen or slightly fewer,
But I think that I have been told,
That all of them are made of gold.

So as he makes plans to retire,
He couldn’t have got that much higher;
He was the fastest man of all,
And also more than six feet tall.

Two reasons, then, for people to,
Look up to him as they now do;
He did his distance dominate,
And showed that he was truly great.

Image – Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil / Wikimedia commons