Train GWR

It is reported that the Queen has made the inaugural journey on a new type of train from Slough to Paddington exactly 175 years after her great great grandmother made the same journey in 1842 and almost as quickly.

Her Majesty’s been on the train,
A lovely outing without rain,
And the trip she embarked upon,
From Slough to London Paddington,
Was the same as her ancestor,
Victoria had made before.

That day in 1842,
When trains back then we’re pretty new,
Was said by the then Head of State,
To be ‘delightful, really great’,
And since it went at such a lick,
The journey time was ‘very quick’.

Our present Queen’s train newer is,
By one point seven five centuries,
But even though such time has passed,
If one were to ask me how fast,
The newer rain went yesterday,
I’d really, truly have to say,
The trip was faster overall,
But by six minutes, that is all.

That change seems really rather small,
Does not seem very much at all,
But while it might leave one bemused,
The first Queen might be quite amused!

Image – Hitachi Rail Europe