Trump cartoon 2

It is reported that President Trump is to visit the United Kingdom on Friday 13 July; he is expected to meet the Queen but may avoid London owing to likely protests.

#Pussy Cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
I’ve been up to London to visit the Queen.
Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under her chair.#

Perhaps he will, or maybe not,
He’s not expecting to get shot,
But there’s another reason why,
When Donald Trump comes in July,
He might not go to London Town –
Protesters there might face him down.

Quite what they’ll do we do not know,
They might throw eggs and shout and so,
Although he won’t be moved to tears,
He might have to defend his ears.

And some of them might be so rude,
With guilt of moral turpitude,
(Which would prevent, I have to say,
Their entry to the USA.
(If here you can’t follow the Bard,
Check on your US landing card.))

So this would be their chance denied,
If right round London he goes wide,
Taking, perhaps, a scenic drive,
Around the old M25.

Now Friday the thirteenth’s the date,
That’s chosen for this Head of State,
And though the choice of date seems dumb,
It might not be so bad for some.

For Donald might not have been told,
It’s been unlucky from of old,
And if protesters eggs should chuck,
Then Donald might just have to Duck!


Trump angry

It is reported that Donald Trump has said that he does not want his planned state visit to the UK to take place if there might be demonstrations or protests.

One small problem for Mrs May,
Now that she’s past election day,
Is how to deal with Donald Trump,
And whether she should try to bump,
The President off his planned tour –
The one she offered him before.

She’s other things now on her plate –
Brexit for one at any rate –
And she’d be better to be free,
Of still yet more controversy.

But Trump now waded in last night,
And said if anything might blight,
His state visit like an affray,
Then he would want to stay away.

Protests and demos are so bad,
That though he’d be in armour clad,
It might look bad on prime TV,
And his spin doctors do agree.

So since some protests likely will
Occur this should the visit kill;
Arrangements likely will be binned,
Because The Trump is so thin-skinned.

If this is so for Mrs May,
The problem might have gone away,
But she must carefully this spin,
So protesters don’t seem to win.